So you can make quick decisions,
save time planning,
stay within budget,
say 'no' to family or friends &
create your dream wedding day with ease.
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Lesson 1 from the Calm Bride Planner for FREE.
Define Your Wedding Vision Workshop so you get the wedding of your dreams and you can look back knowing it was everything you wanted.
Here's what you'll achieve for your wedding!
  • Knowing exactly what your wedding priorities and your non-negotiables are.
  • How to make quicker wedding decisions so you save time planning.
  • Where you should and shouldn't be spending money so you don't go over budget.
  • How to easily say 'no' to family and friends who are forcing wedding opinions on you.
  • How to get un-stuck so you can keep moving through the planning with ease and get the perfect wedding day.
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"I could not have planned my wedding without the wedding vision workshop. It helped me make decisions and stick to a plan. I had the best wedding day and it's all thanks to you Yvette."

- Tammy Louis
Hey, I'm Yvette!

I've been in the wedding industry for 22 years now, and I have helped plan over 4,000 weddings and events and I absolutely love it. I was made for it!

I created the Manage My Wedding App in 2017 and it has ranked #1 for weddings in the Apple App Store since. Over 90,000 couples have planned their wedding via the Manage My Wedding App.

I'm also the host of the Manage My Wedding Podcast, which debuted at no. 1 on Apple Podcasts for weddings. It has been downloaded 100,000 times.

My love for supporting couples, so they can enjoy the planning journey as much as the day is next to none. I truly believe every wedding can be planned with ease and calm.

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